5 things you might not know (yet!) about Netpresenter software

By now you already know Netpresenter software can be a valuable addition to your communication and alert system. But there might be some things that you weren’t aware of. Below I listed five awesome features that might have slipped through the net. Did you already know that:

1. You can reach everyone wherever they are?

Of course you can reach everybody inside your organization, but did you know you can also keep employees on the road in the loop? Or that you can conveniently target messages to a specific country, location, department or even staff member, ensuring that your workers only receive news that is directly relevant to them? All it takes is a few simple clicks of your mouse and everyone is up-to-date on the latest and greatest.

2. You can automatically import dynamic content?

Don’t put any more effort into creating content. With Netpresenter software, pre-existing content is automatically extracted from different internal and external sources. Besides showing corporate news, intranet headlines and KPIs, your templates can be spiced up with dynamic weather forecasts, traffic information and newsfeeds of the biggest news sites.

3. You can make your intranet more popular?

Intranet can be a powerful tool for any organization – that is, if somebody visits it. Boost traffic to your intranet by adding embedded hyperlinks to your messages. Intranet headlines posted on PCs, TV screens and mobile devices awaken the curiosity of your staff, while embedded hyperlinks give them the option to click through and read more on your intranet.

4. You can easily integrate with social media?

Being able to automatically post the latest corporate news updates to social media is great, but what if you could turn the tables and automatically show social media messages on every screen within your organization as well? Easy publishing makes sure your messages are not only published straight away to Twitter and Facebook, but also from.

5. You can schedule messages yearly?

Tired of remembering to repost the same message every year? With our yearly scheduling feature reminders are redundant. Messages that are recurrent, like birthdays, can be scheduled for no less than 5 years, saving you time, effort and headaches.

Pssst! Did you also know our newest Message Server is now available? For clients with a valid support contract the upgrade to the latest version is completely free!

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About the author

Frits Vos

Frits Vos has been with Netpresenter for over a decade. As head of Innovation & IT, Frits is an indispensable piece of the Netpresenter puzzle.