5 Corporate Communications Trends to watch

For many years, corporate communications existed of drafting speeches for your CEO, creating content for the internal newsletter or distributing communication material at the office. Nowadays, however, the way organizations keep their employees informed and engaged is radically changing. To better communicate their message, many companies have begun to adopt new and exciting corporate communications tools. So what exactly is new under the sun? Here are five corporate communication trends to keep an eye on.

1. E-mail Reduction

On average, it takes an employee 64 seconds to get back to work after he was interrupted by an e-mail notification. Seeing employees’ inboxes get flooded daily with tons of unnecessary e-mails, that’s a lot of time wasted! To reduce internal email spam, more and more businesses are now starting to use alternative communication channels like digital signage, corporate screensavers and a company app to target important messages to their staff without interrupting them.


2. Going Mobile

As the BYOD (Bring-your-own-device) trend catches on, the interest of companies to strengthen their corporate communications with a mobile-approach has increased tremendously.  A smart move, since letting your staff utilize their own smartphones and tablets is proven to make them happier, more productive and even cut business costs. Netpresenter’s News & Alert App ignites a mobile revolution inside your organization, by keeping every single one of your staff member in the loop via their mobile devices.

3. Embracing Social Media

Top-down communication is OUT. Today’s focus is on peer-to-peer communication. Meaning no corporate announcements in newsletters, but face-to-face communication with your staff. Since this kind of interaction is not always possible, organizations are turning to external social media (Twitter and Facebook), as well as internal social channels (Microsoft’s Yammer, Honey and Socialcast) to start conversations with their employees. These platforms do not only allow you to respond to your workforce quickly and easily, they also give your staff the opportunity to share their opinions and thoughts – creating valuable feedback.


4. Visualizing with Videos

Videos are the emerging superstar of internal communications storytelling. While the written word is here to stay, no form of communication captures attention better than a brilliantly executed video. Use of videos, inc corporate communications, is a great way to stand out in the ever increasing noise of messages your people are exposed to. Make your videos grab the attention of your staff immediately by displaying them on every TV and PC screen inside your organization. 

5. Gamification

Gamification, stated simply, makes it fun to do things that are mundane and dull by applying one or more elements of game-play. These typically include badging, leveling, leader boards and completion bars. By introducing game elements in the workplace, you cannot only enhance performance and boost productivity, but also increase employee satisfaction tremendously. Netpresenter helps you to keep your staff’s eyes on the prize by displaying announcements, results and goals on digital signage screens, desktop screensavers and even a mobile app.


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