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12 Good Reasons Why You Should Have A Corporate Screensaver

Screensavers may have lost their original purpose, but they can still provide numerous useful services. In my opinion, screensavers are actually one of the greatest communication tools in corporate communication! Not convinced? Here are 12 good reasons why you should get a corporate screensaver for your business:

1. It informs employees right away

Make your corporate screensaver an indispensable extension of your organization’s communication system. Effectively inform your staff by reaching them where they spend the majority of their time: behind their desks.

Corporate Screensaver

2. It’s a cheap communication tool

No need to invest tons of money in expensive communication tools. Save costs by using your existing core system and employ every PC to get your message to your employees.

3. It eliminates e-mail overload

Corporate screensaver messages are a great way to make employees aware of your internal news and information. You keep your staff up to date without intruding them, annoying them or cluttering their inboxes.

4. It makes messages more vivid

Don’t bore your staff with dull messages. Corporate screensavers catch your employees’ attention by displaying images, videos and flash animation. The screensavers can be customized to your own corporate identity.


5. It saves you time, money and effort

Save time, money and effort. You are automatically extracting company news, announcements and information from external sources. This content will be instantly displayed on your corporate screensaver.

6. It makes employees remember messages better

Constant repetition of screensaver messages makes sure that employees do not only see, but also remember important company news and information better.

7. It puts idle computers to work

There are probably hundreds or even thousands of computers in your organization that are not being used the majority of the time. Put these idle computers to work by letting them display important messages.

Corporate Screensaver

8. It is easy to deploy

Screensavers are very easy to deploy and update. They can be simply integrated into your business network.

9. It can act as a digital way finder

Embedded hyperlinks in screensaver messages direct your employees to important information on your intranet or SharePoint.

10. It boosts social interaction

Screensaver messages are equipped with a like, comment and share function. This gives you the opportunity to personally respond to your staff. Therefore, it provides them with a platform to make their voice heard.

11. It targets messages to the right audience

Different staff members can receive different content. Target screensaver messages to individuals, custom groups, departments, multiple locations or an entire organization.

 12. It’s an effective alerting tool

When disaster strikes, alert messages pop up on your employees’ PC screens. It creates a potentially life-saving message that just cannot be ignored.

Corporate Screensaver

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