Netpresenter Training
Netpresenter software is user-friendly. But to get the most out of our communication solution, training is recommended. Netpresenter provides end-user, technical training and communication consulting services. Trainings are tuned to the audience, but basic knowledge of Windows and PCs is recommended.

Onsite training
Lasts either 4 or 8 hours (1 day), depending on your requirements. Of course, users receive a certificate at the end of a training session.

Online training
Fast and low cost. Lasts typically between 30 minutes and 2 hours and only requires a (conference) telephone and PC with internet connection.

For class registration, on-site training, online training, information kits, or any other questions, please contact Netpresenter or call (212) 710-5908. For Europe call +31 464370886.