Improve Corporate Communications

Employees want to feel informed and engaged. Grabbing the attention of your employees anytime, anywhere, on any device is one of the biggest challenges organizations face these days. Netpresenter offers an integrated solution for instant performance improvement. Manage the attention of your employees, instantly increase productivity and reach your corporate goals.

Performance Improvement

Manage your employee’s attention to boost productivity, save money and achieve better results

Compliance Communication

Communicate rules, regulations and legislation without cluttering email inboxes or disrupting employees

Employee Engagement

People want to feel engaged. Inform & Inspire employees to increase productivity and save money

Achieve Corporate Goals

Communicate your core message and keep employees focused on their KPI’s and corporate goals


Spread your messages across multiple locations and offices around the world to keep everyone up-to-date

Eliminate Information Overload

Reduce corporate SPAM - only share need-to-know information and keep people in the know of what really matters

Choose Your Device

Create interactive and visually impressive messages that look great on all devices; PCs, TVs, and Mobile Devices

Integrate Existing Content

Save time and effort. Avoid double input by Integrating your existing (Sharepoint) intranet or external sources


Managing Attention requires the right mix of Communication Tools

Managing attention is about changing behavior, eliminating distractions and improving results. Netpresenter is world’s first attention management platform that gives you complete control over your communication channels.

For example, broadcast your intranet headlines to digital signs. Grab the attention of employees without disrupting their daily work with the corporate screensaver. Use your own corporate app to reach employees who don’t have access to a PC. Send alerts and notifications in case of an emergency to everyone immediately.


Use the repetitive strength of our corporate screensaver to display vital information without distracting people while at work


Professional Corporate App brings your vital news and notifications to smartphones and tablets of employees, wherever they are


Specifically designed for corporations: use your existing content and infrastructure. Low cost, low bandwidth and easy to roll-out


Directly send vital information to your staff as desktop pop-up messages that will appear on top of any other application


Immediately grab everyone’s attention by sending text and push notifications to every mobile device

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